ZERO Appeal To The Democrat Party…

There is ZERO appeal to the Democrat party. For example, the Democrat party has been an enemy to minorities from the start. They have no respect for the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. They support and fund extreme predatory abortion practices. They pretend to be anti-war when in fact they support and create wars. They recklessly form new entitlements that are unsustainable and unconstitutional such as the Affordable Health Care Act. They have unethical relationships with their lobbyists and special interest groups. They constantly raise taxes without balancing budgets. And they support globalism and deregulating banking cartel’s. The truth is that Democrats are the enemy of the people. And establishment Republicans aren’t much better.

The truth is the Dems party is crumbling and has been for quite some time. They’ve been losing elections and seats all over the country including the presidency. People are waking up to the sensible fiscal conservative policies that true conservatives have been preaching and practicing in their own communities and lives for decades. Conservative and Libertarian principles are resurfacing and will be the dominant force for the next several decades.

Unfortunately, because of the mess the liberals and neo-cons have put us in, there could very well be an economic collapse on the next presidents watch no matter who it is. But the conservative principles that will be put into place by Donald Trump and Mike Pence will pull us out of any potential depression, or prevent us from entering a depression in the first place, and our country will be great again.

The era of the Republican party that believed in small government, low taxes, arguably ended when George Bush Senior came into office and broke his promise when he said “read my lips.” Referring to not raising taxes. He lied. When the American public voted for George Bush Senior they believed it was in essence a third term of Ronald Reagan. But George Bush proved to be far from Ronald Reagan in many aspects. That’s not to say that Ronald Reagan was perfect and didn’t have his own issues that raised the question of if he was co-opted by the globalist later in his term after they attempted to assassinate him, but that’s a whole other topic. Ronald Reagan was far better than anyone that succeeded him and did a lot of good work during his presidency. And I have no doubt Donald Trump will as well.

– Michael Vincent –

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