Voter ID’s…

The reason why it’s important to require photo ID’s to vote, is so that we can help prevent people that shouldn’t be allowed to vote from voting. We’re not trying to stop people that are eligible to vote from voting, we’re trying to stop those who should not be voting, from voting. The argument that it’s racist is racist. I think it’s racist of the Left to assume that minorities don’t have ID’s and that by creating a law that requires identification, is somehow disenfranchising minorities because they are unable to afford and/or acquire a photo ID. But going off that assumption and to be fair to everyone, I think that the state should offer to pay for a photo ID for people to get free IDs (not driver’s license) to vote, so that we can verify who they are. So now money isn’t an issue. This way everybody is happy, and everyone gets to vote that should be allowed to vote, and people that are not allowed to vote, won’t be able to, because they can’t prove their identity. Now this should satisfy people on both the Left and Right, unless of course either side has some hidden agenda.

– Michael Vincent –

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