The Story is from November 2016 but I felt compelled to cover it again. Enjoy…

VERY FAKE NEWS: Don Lemon Calls Out His Own On CNN

CNN interviewer and crew tried to pull a fast one on thier viewers by pretending to interview a random individual about Trump. They created a fake scenario in which they pretended that they just randomly found an anti Trump citizen that felt compelled to rant against Trump being elected. But that random individual wasn’t random at all, but rather a cameraman that Don Lemon himself knew and went to Africa with. Don Lemon was sitting in the studio watching the fake interview take place live, and decides to call out the fake interviewer and cameraman, when the segment concludes.

​- Michael Vincent – 

1st Video is of Don Lemon Calling the reporter out when the segment concludes. 2nd Video is the full staged interview with the fake outrage…

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