Reject any voices that try to convince you that America or Europe cannot succeed or move forward with prosperity without being a part of globalism and anti-sovereignty trade deals. I keep hearing in the state-sponsored corporate mainstream media, them trying to counter Donald Trump and efforts like Brexit decision to move away from globalism and move back towards Nationalism by trying to present the globalist agenda as rational and reasonable and the only road to prosperity. But the truth is they are creating systems that are not only unsustainable, but violate human rights and bypasses Sovereign Nations ability to govern and enforce their own constitutions and laws.

The truth is, these globalist systems are controlled by a dictatorship hidden in unelected bureaucracy that primarily benefits the 1% of the 1%, which is primarily banker elites and their puppet politicians. They financially profit off the backs of slave labor and off Nations with little regard to the citizenship or even leadership of those Nations.

There’s nothing wrong with trade deals, treaties and alliances as long as they benefit the citizens and Nations involved, and doesn’t violate the laws and constitutions of the Nations involved or the civil liberties and civil rights of the citizens. Under the current globalist agenda and trade deals implemented around the world including the US, corporations, bankers and politicians that orchestrate and design the trade deals are the primary beneficiaries.

Having trade deals is not the argument, the kind of trade deals and what they’re geared towards is the argument. Unions aren’t bad either, as long as they don’t violate Sovereign Nations and their citizens Liberties and Rights, and their ability to govern, prosper and enforce their own laws and constitutions as they see fit. I am not an isolationist, I’m a Nationalist that believes in fair trade deals that benefit all Nations involved, not the globalist elite, and doesn’t violate human rights and sovereignty.

Remaining in unions whether it’s in the European union or the federal government is never worth remaining a part of under certain conditions. For example, here in America if you are a state, it’s not worth remaining in the union if the federal government violates your states’ rights, or creates programs that jeopardize your state’s safety and security and or financial stability, or if the states lose their constitutional right to govern their own citizens as they see fit (within their constitutional boundaries), or if the leadership and citizens feel as though the federal government is violating their civil rights and civil liberties. If every legal constitutional avenue has been taken and exhausted to try and correct this tyranny and has failed, then at some point, not only is it in the state’s constitutional right and benefit to secede from the union, it becomes their duty and responsibility to their citizens. To not do so is to be in derelict of duty. The founding fathers created a constitutional avenue for states to secede from the federal government if the federal government became tyrannical. They knew big governments tend to become corrupt and tyrannical as time goes on so they created an outlet to resist true tyranny.

This is a serious matter indeed and should not be taken lightly and should be well thought out before executed. And I don’t speak of this topic lightly. But no union is worth being a part of if one loses any of the following, sovereignty, civil rights, civil liberties, financial stability, ability to defend oneself against foreign and domestic enemies, or the ability to govern. A true clear road to Freedom outweighs any dangers or fears of what may be on that road. Take the road that secures Freedom, not the road that repeatedly throughout history has given a false sense of safety.

As far as local Unions… Right to Work’ States give you the option to be a part of a Union or to opt out of a Union, both the employee and the employer (if you’re an employee you don’t have the option if your employer doesn’t provide the option), as opposed to States that force you to be a part of the Union regardless of how well run the Union is or is not. When one has their Liberty to join a Union or not, as opposed to being forced to, that tends to force Unions to operate better and more cost-effective, because they know if they don’t, people will simply not join their Union. When one is stripped of their Liberty and forced to be a part of a Union, that tends to cause the Union not to function as well as it could and/or creates corruption within the Union that benefits those in charge of the Union, as opposed to the employees. Which has he been bankrupted companies. So in a ‘Right to Work’ State, like my state of Nevada, Unions are incentivized to form and operate better and more cost-effective, because if they don’t, no one joins. It’s not that Unions are bad or that Unions are good, it just depends on the Union and how they operate. Unions tend to work better when people have the right to be a part of them or not to be a part of them. It is your Liberty to unionize or to not unionize, both on an individual level and on a corporate level.

– Michael Vincent –

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