Unconstitutional Land Grabs…

For decades, the leadership and operational practices of federal land management has been clearly unconstitutional. The founding fathers never intended to create a Republic where the feds could impose draconian fees on peaceful individuals and force them off their land. In fact, that is exactly the arrangement that the Constitution was designed to prevent, as it clearly violates the principles of fiduciary government, sympathy and independence.

The federal government is not authorized to own land as they desire. The Constitution restricts the federal government’s land control to establishing “forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and other NECESSARY buildings.” And instead reserves for the States and American citizens the right to own land. And if the federal government wanted to use land, they had to purchase the land from the citizens or the State with the approval of the State legislature. Our founders specifically restricted what land the federal government could own, not just for the obvious reasons of preventing a tyrannical governing body with a monopoly of force and resources, but because they also understood that by delegating powers and the land to the States and citizens, great civilizations spawn. They understood that in all ruling centralized governing body not only ultimately corrupts, but also stagnates ingenuity, growth diversity, competition, and creativity. As well as violating individual liberties and rights.

Unfortunately, the federal government has been involved in predatory unconstitutional land grabs ever since the Union was formed. Primarily in the western States where the vast majority of land within the boundaries of the State has been simply stolen by the federal government. Which has set a precedent. In fact, many citizens as well as some elected officials have evolved to be ignorant to the limit power of the federal government, as a result of this long history of constitutional abuse, lawlessness, and or misuse of law. The government argues the massive theft of land is permitted under the Property Clause of the Constitution witch gives Congress the authority over federal property generally. And the Supreme Court has described Congress’s power to legislate under this clause as “without limitation,” concludes the Congressional Research Service, a legislative branch agency within the Library of Congress. The Supreme Court in 1911 ruled and permitted the federal government to grab large tracts of land as national forests held in the “public interest.”

They claim legal supremacy. But the federal government abuses and misuses the laws to steal people’s land or force them off their land using malicious and aggressive tactics. They take people’s land so they can steal the resources and strip the land of all its wealth. They even give the land and the resources over to foreign entities that benefit from the land at the expense and loss of Americans, while enriching the politicians involved. The politicians and government agents involved don’t care that Americans are disenfranchised because they get huge payoffs by the entities that exploit our land. Our government has been infiltrated by globalist and profiteers working for either their own personal interest or a globalist agenda that financially benefits them, not the American people or America as a whole. And when good Patriots stand up against this tyranny, they are demonized by the mainstream media and or imprisoned and murdered. Americans are not only losing their sovereignty, they’re literally losing their land to foreign entities via politicians for personal profit and or bureaucrats.

– Michael Vincent –

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