Trump Is Telling The Media And The Deep State To Put Up Or Shut Up…

With the investigation into Obama’s administration abusing executive powers now officially being called for by the president, and Obama facing a Congressional inquiry, Trump is in essence also calling on the mainstream media and the deep state to produce the evidence against him about the Russian propaganda that they claim they have, but have never been able to produce. They claim there is evidence while simultaneously never producing any evidence, while also claiming that Obama’s Administration never wiretapped Trump’s phone lines, while simultaneously not giving any real solid explanation as to how evidence would have been collected without wiretapping or utilizing other invasive measures. So, is what is now frantically happening, is that this complex entangled web of lies by the establishment and mainstream media, is creating chaos in their narrative and causing them to scramble to get their stories straight. We all know what happens when you get caught up in lies. You have to keep making up new lies and eventually get caught up and exposed, just as the mainstream media and establishment currently are experiencing.

You may think it’s a huge gamble on Trump’s behalf to force an investigation into the wiretapping, which could expose the transcripts, but there’s one little secret that Trump has. And that is, that he knows he is completely innocent of the charges and that there is nothing to find. And he also knows that a huge reason why the Obama Administration was pushing the false Russian narrative during the presidential campaign in the first place, was to use it as an excuse and a cover story to justify an investigation, so as to wiretap his phone lines, so as to get campaign strategies and other information to use against his campaign to help Hillary Clinton get elected, so as to carry on with the establishment’s agenda. But in regards to the Russian propaganda, they found nothing because there was nothing to find, and Trump knows this.

– Michael Vincent –

UPDATE: FISA Warrants For Trump Wiretapping Confirmed – Fox News Sean Hannity – 03.08.2017…

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