The Truth Is All Americans Civil Liberties And Civil Rights Regardless Of Ethnicity, Religion, Creed Or Even Financial Class, Have Been Violated For Quite Some Time,

with legislation, such as the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act. Incrementally, the government is dismantling the Bill of Rights. In fact, many people have lost the knowledge, or were never even taught about what their true civil liberties and civil rights are. And are being distracted from the truth that everyone’s liberties and rights are incrementally by design being stripped from them slowly as time passes. They get us fighting against each other instead of addressing our true enemy.

Law enforcement is not the enemy. White people are not the enemy. Black people are not the enemy. Democrats and/or Republicans are not the enemy. The enemy is not as easily identifiable as simply pointing out a particular group of people. To believe you can identify the enemy simply by pointing to one of these different groups or labels is not only naive and foolish, but also fatally mistaken.  I see people all the time break down these different groups has their opposition, and think that the cause they are fighting for can be simply won by identifying one of these groups and targeting them. But the truth is life is far more complicated than that and has numerous shades of gray. Don’t be foolish. Know thy true enemies. You must have the wisdom, insight, knowledge and intelligence to identify who the true threat is to both you and Society. There are men of good conscious and righteous cause, as well as ignorant men with evil intent in both public service and the private sector from all different types of backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and political affiliations, so on and so forth.

One of the oldest tricks in the book for politicians, is to utilize the state-sponsored corporate mainstream media, to divide and conquer. They use social engineering tactics utilizing propaganda to get people distracted from the true tyranny. By design they get the public fighting with each other over ancient archaic squabbles such as ethnicity, religion, nationality, and political affiliation, etc. One of the most commonly used tactics in divide and conquer is race-baiting and or balkanization. They get people fighting over the color of their skin to the point where people are so blinded that they think they see racism everywhere they turn. And it agitates people to the point that people start really acting racist when in their hearts, they truly aren’t. They’re just reverting to an ancient defense mechanism of tribalism.
We must be intelligent enough to see through this and not allow ourselves to digress. We must rise above the bullshit and reject any voice that engage in this kind of propaganda and/or that don’t address the real issues, and just obsess over ethnicity, religion, skin color, political affiliation etc. We need to address the real problems. And acknowledge the real truth, which is that most of us in this modern civilization are enlightened individuals that could care less about one’s skin tone. It’s not about our, ethnicity, religion, skin color, etc., it’s about what we stand for and what’s in our heart. Most of us already know this, but it’s important that we remind ourselves and each other of this wisdom that we acquired long ago but sometimes forget. We must be unified so we can defeat our true enemies.

Our true enemies are the overreaching state and the leadership in the U.S. and abroad currently occupied by globalist that have specific agendas. Primarily world domination through monopolies such as the Rothschild’s Central Banking Cartel, the U.S. Petrodollar Monopoly, Global Trade Deals, Energy, Resources, and a Monopoly of Military Force. They set up military bases and prop up puppet regimes all over the globe. The elite are made up of, politicians in nations all around the world, bankster’s, particular military personnel, CEOs, the Bilderberg Group, members of the United Nations, the Trilateral Commission, and more.

– Michael Vincent –

The Unconstitutional National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Explained…

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