The Truth About The DNC Leaks…

Shawn Lucas, as shown in a viral YouTube video, was serving the Democratic National Committee (DNC) a lawsuit over the organization’s favoring of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Seth Rich was the Voter Expansion Data Director at the DNC, where he had been employed for two years. While working with the DNC, Seth leaked their emails and released them to WikiLeaks in efforts to expose the unethical and illegal behavior against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton. Shortly after, they were both found murdered. Those involved went on to try and blame the Russians for the DNC leak.

Not only is the “Russian hack” a lie to set the precedent for war with Russia and undermine Trump’s presidency, it’s also a cover up of these two Democrats / Bernie Sanders supporters that were murdered. It’s sad that not only Bernie Sanders, but also his supporters don’t stand up for the two young men that were brutally murdered while trying to expose the corruption of the DNC working against Sanders for Hillary Clinton.

All these efforts to try and blame the Russians for tampering with the elections for Trump, in reality is a diversion from the truth. It was people on the inside that were leaking this information so as to expose the corruption that surrounded them. It was all an inside job, it had nothing to do with the Russians or Trump.

– Michael Vincent –

For those interested in the truth, you can do your own citizen investigative journalism. You can read through the DNC hacked emails that have been verified and authenticated by not only American intelligence agencies, but also by true hacktivist who enjoy hacking criminals and exposing them to the world for those interested in the truth. You got to do a little intensive data mining to find the incriminating emails, but I assure you they are there. I’ve read many of them… WikiLeaks

Article written about Shawn Lucas… The Epoch Times

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange… Infowars

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