The Power Of Social Media…

Now because of social media, the globalist criminal establishment warmongers can no longer hide in the shadows. Tools like what Facebook has created has unwittingly connected people around the world so as to expose crimes against humanity. Facebook has also provided something even more capable of capturing the horrors of both domestic and foreign criminals. Facebook has created a LIVE Stream feature. Anyone can broadcast what they are doing or watching at any moment. It’s a revolutionary incredible form of communication. And there are many other examples of social media and its power.

Never underestimate the power of social media. Anybody who tells you that social media is not for political or any other important discussion and that it’s only for entertainment purposes, is not only completely wrong, but is also ignoring the incredible positive revolutionary power of social media that can and does expose global tyranny, so as to ultimately help move Humanity towards World Peace.

Even the president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, utilizes the power of social media. Regardless of how the Leftist media tries to portray Trump’s utilization of Twitter and other social media outlets, always keep this in mind…

Trump has come up with a simple but brilliant way to bypass the mainstream media and communicate directly to the American people and the entire world. He has and will continue to expose the propaganda and communicate anything else he wants instantly. The discredited lying mainstream media is throwing fits about Trump’s use of social media, because they know that they no longer control the narrative. As you see in press conferences, the media attempts to sway the conversation in the direction they want based on their questions, but social media can bypass that. As Trump continues to utilize Twitter and other outlets, the media loses control of what the American people here from Trump. Social media is a great outlet to bypass the corporate mainstream media and expose corruption globally.

– Michael Vincent –

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