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An educated true humanitarian understands the importance of secured borders and the negative effects of over migration. Unsecured borders and over migration cause far more suffering and damage than what one thinks they’re preventing by allowing an uncontrolled amount of migration. Both economically and socially.

I understand young liberal hippie minds that have delusional visions of a utopian world with no borders. But at some point, a person most grow up and learn how the real world works. There is a certain level in which a nation can assimilate migrants without it overbearing them culturally and financially. If migration and borders are not controlled, there is very serious repercussions.

When you have, a market flooded with cheap labor, it not only takes up jobs, it also lowers wages, which benefits these corporate billionaires. When we deport illegal immigrants and simultaneously form new jobs like Trump is proposing and force corporations to compete for employees, that naturally drives up wages and benefits because it creates a competitive market that forces companies and corporations to offer competitive wages and competitive benefits, including healthcare and pregnancy/paternity leave. Of course, you must strike a balance between having enough people in the workforce to fill positions, but ultimately, it’s better to have a shortage of employees than a shortage of jobs. Currently we have a shortage of jobs and too much cheap labor which is driving down wages and keeping unemployment up which is draining our welfare systems. We have the opposite problem with skilled labor but that’s for another discussion.

The simple truth is, America can no longer afford its current migration policies. Immigrants consume 33% more cash in welfare than natives and 57% more food subsidies and 44% more Medicaid than natives. And the increase of how many people migrate to this country per year has been growing exponentially and unsustainably. You can only give out so much of your own resources to help someone else before you need to cut back and start focusing on yourself and helping your own people. A true educated humanitarian realizes that you cannot over stretch your resources to help others, because in the long run, it will ultimately cause more damage than good and have counterproductive humanitarian efforts. Numbers from…
It’s very crucial for a nation to keep its sovereignty and secure its borders from the threats of not just cheap under skilled labor flooding the workforce, but also the serious national security threats that an unsecured border presents. It’s no secret that Mexico has very strict border control laws, and for good reason. Because they understand the threats. It’s also no secret that countries like Mexico drop off their violent criminals at our border so they don’t have to acquire the cost of imprisoning them. It’s also no secret that terrorists plan to exploit our border problems and immigration policies. So, it’s crucial to have a legal due process that documents and vets every individual that migrates to this country. If they can’t be vetted properly, then they can’t enter the country. We must do everything we can to secure the border and control migration.

“Liberals” have it backwards. Is how you get wages and benefits increased in the work field, is not by looking up the government for new legislation to mandate employers raise wages and benefits, but rather get the government to enforce and reform immigration laws so as to prevent the markets from being flooded with cheap labor that in essence creates competition to find jobs as opposed to creating competition for jobs to find employees, which is the environment we need. When there is a higher demand for employees then there are jobs, it forces the private sector to offer competitive wages and competitive benefits to encourage people to come work for their corporations as opposed to their competitor’s corporations. That’s how true free markets in conjunction with strict enforced border laws work and benefit Society. We need to stop allowing lobbyist to influence our government to flood our markets with cheap labor in which is driving down wages. And on the flip side, we have a problem with not enough skilled workers to fill skilled positions. Which is good because it creates competition to find skilled employees, but unfortunately, by a large, most of our jobs are unskilled jobs that are flooded with unskilled workers. So, we have two problems occurring simultaneously that both need to be addressed.

Us that have been actively involved and have studied the border crisis for decades, are completely aware of the drug trafficking, human sex trafficking, and other incredibly horrific activity and crimes that occur as a result of weak leadership and or complete ignorance and unawareness of how serious the problem is. U.S. leadership is directly involved in the criminal activity itself as well. It’s a culture of corruption. Drug and sex trafficking cartels are a very serious problem. They come across the border and murder American citizens for monetary gain and sport. They kidnap our women and children and flood our community with illegal narcotics. We are way past due on getting tough on the borders and declaring war against these criminal elements.

Real horrors continue as people continue to be smuggled across weak unsecured borders all around the world every day at record numbers so as to be exploited for all different forms of slavery, including right here in the United States of America. Nearly 46 million human beings of all different ethnicities and backgrounds are subject to slavery as we speak. According to the third annual Global Slavery Index, which gathers and analyzes surveys conducted by Gallup, the number of people forced into modern slavery, or human trafficking, forced labor, debt bondage, forced or servile marriage or commercial sexual exploitation, etc. grew from 35.8 million to 45.8 million since 2014 — a 28 percent increase. We the people need to unite with each other, support Trump and his policies, and fight the real tyranny, including the propaganda pushed by political establishment. Numbers from Global Slavery Index.

I truly can’t understand how people don’t support border control. Do people really believe that we shouldn’t be a Sovereign Nation with its own border patrol policies and reasonably practical standards of migration to this country? Do people really believe that one shouldn’t have to be documented, have a social security number or must pay taxes like legal citizens? And do people really believe that one who understands and wants to enforce border patrol laws is racist? Do people actually believe that we can have an unlimited amount of people per year migrate to this country without it being an issue for our system to absorb? And how can people not see the national security threat of not documenting immigrants? How can people not realize that drugs and the human trafficking sex trade is exponentially increasing as a result of poor border patrol practices? Are people actually blind to these issues?

– Michael Vincent –

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