The Historical 2016 Presidential Election…

Despite the corporate mainstream media’s smear campaign financially backed by the establishment, reporting things like Donald J Trump would drop out, or that Hillary Clinton was leading in the polls, which she wasn’t, so on and so forth, president Donald J Trump continued to have success and continued to expose the corruption in Washington. And did in fact become the next president of the United States of America.

This was an historical election on so many levels. From Trump gaining more Republican votes in the primary than any other Republican presidential candidate in US history, to the Electoral College that voted for Donald J. Trump to win the presidency, where an historic 7 electors, the most ever, voted for someone other than their party’s nominee. Which were primarily Democrats. Yes, that’s correct, Hillary Clinton was part of an historic record number of faithless electors that primarily voted against her. Of 232 electors pledged to vote for Hillary Clinton, only 227 voted for her. Of 306 electors pledged to vote for Donald J. Trump, 304 voted for him. And Ron Paul a libertarian who didn’t even run for president, gained 1 electoral vote, while Bernie Sanders the Democrat runner that had the nominee stolen from him by Hillary Clinton, received 0.

We Are Entering A New Era…

​Half of the people throughout historical periods in humanity were completely unaware of the events unfolding in their lifetime. You’re in one of those periods right now. The reason why things are incredibly uncomfortable for you during this time period, is because you are the half that are aware of the historical implications and that the fate of humanity is in the balance. You are in the middle of history unfolding and are justifiably uncertain of the outcome, therefore filled with anxiety and maybe even doubt. But you mustn’t worry, for Nationalism and Liberty is rising globally, which will strengthen the globe, and is a force that cannot be stopped. Brexit and president Donald J Trump’s election to the US presidency are perfect examples of that. We not only will prevail, we are prevailing and without doubt will WIN this epic battle. The damage to the globalist and the strength of our movement has already been set on course and cannot be stopped. Mass corruption and fraud on all levels of government globally, have been forever exposed and will continue to strike death blows against the criminal elite for years to come. Brexit and this election is only the beginning of our great movement. We WILL achieve great things before we die, I promise you that. We will look back at this period of time as the ‘Great Awakening’ that ultimately led our species to the next Renaissance and took us to the stars.

– Michael Vincent –

“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American people.” – Donald J Trump the 45th president of the United States of America –

The Real Donald Trump…

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