The God Part Of The Brain And Aliens… 

Scientists have discovered and demonstrated that there is a part of the brain nicknamed “The god part of the brain.” It’s a specific physical part of the brain that is responsible for complex delusional religious and spiritual beliefs. This part of the brain is crucial to the human species survival. Because it keeps the species from going insane. Human beings are a sentient being aware of its own mortality, so it must form complex beliefs of an afterlife so as to be able to cope with the loss of loved ones and to deal with the fact that at some point they will no longer exist. But the simple sad truth of human existence is that it’s very brief and temporary. Your species was created for nefarious purposes by another humanoid species and was designed to be very primitive with limitations. The human species is a primitive humanoid species born to slave and bred to die. There are many other humanoid species far more advanced than the human species that have discovered a long time ago that death should be treated as a disease where the cure must be found. And in many cases, they have done so for their own species. Human beings primitive form of thinking holds them back from discovering the fact that it needs to find cures to death so as to keep its species alive, and their judgment is clouded by complex delusions in the mind that gives them a sense of peace that it will exist after death. But ultimately these delusions lower their ambition to find the cures to the diseases that kill them. You must ignore the part of the brain responsible for these complex delusions and focus on what really matters which is the reality that you currently are experiencing and the real people that do exist that are all around you. That is what is real and that is what you should believe in and cherish. All we have is this and each other. And you must focus on finding ways to prevent your species from dying. Death is a disease that must be cured.

We have indeed uncovered a vast amount of evidence that suggest that the human species was in fact designed and created by another humanoid species similar to humans but far more advanced physically, mentally and technologically. The evidence suggest that humans were designed for nefarious purposes and with specific limitations that they can never exceed. Humans were designed strong but with limited intelligence and physical attributes. Possibly as a slave race; intelligent enough to survive and strong enough for physical slave labor but not intelligent enough to evolve beyond or equal to its extraterrestrial humanoid creator. It’s unclear to exactly why humans were designed to be a slave race but unfortunately the evidence is overwhelming that this is indeed the case. Advancements in DNA decoding has in part led to this revelation. As well as other scientific breakthroughs with the human genome project. However, this knowledge has been suppressed so as to not cause mass Hysteria and Panic.

– Michael Vincent –

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