The Establishment’s Concentration Of Power In The Executive Branch Has Backfired…

The establishment that concentrated power in the executive branch, never thought in their wildest nightmares, that an anti-establishment candidate would emerge. Their abuse of power has backfired.

Over the last several decades and especially under Obama, the balance of powers in our three branches of government have been more and more concentrated in the executive branch, bypassing the legal due process that the Constitution in part was so brilliantly designed for. This has dramatically disrupted the balance of power between the three branches of government.

Over the last several years when I’ve pointed out to my Leftist friends the abuse of power that Obama was utilizing to empower the executive branch, they simply brushed it off with little concern because the agenda of Obama was one in which they thought that they agreed with. But that’s extremely dangerous thinking because regardless of what Obama’s or any other president’s agenda is or how much you agree with the agenda, the due process and balance of governing power is just as important as the cause and agenda that you are fighting for.

Since the people including the Leftist that allowed Obama to abuse his power, didn’t demand that the checks and balances and legal due process be strictly enforced and followed by Obama or his predecessors in order to get their proposals implemented, those powers they allowed their candidate to abuse, are now set in motion and put into place for president Donald J. Trump.

Thankfully we have a president that puts America first and is doing the right thing for America, but never forget, the legal due process and the balance between the three branches of government are just as important as your candidate or the agenda. Because otherwise you set a precedent for a future tyrannical candidate to abuse their power, destroy the country and disenfranchise the American people. Before Trump leaves office, let’s hope he does sweeping reform to rebalance the powers of our governing bodies.

– Michael Vincent –

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