The difference between a truly strong market and a bubble…

I know the difference between a trully strong market and a bubble. And make no mistake about it, we are in a very strong economy backed by real growth such as GDP, tax and regulation slashes, new trade deals, perception of future slowing down of our markets from being flooded with cheap labor from the southern border through border security / the wall, and other factors. This is not an artificial bubble. The economy is actually doing quite well, but in fact is being weakened by unnecessary interest rate hikes by the fed. We would be doing even better but the fed is literally robbing the American people and their savings through interest hikes. As far as some of the activity in the stock market, of course there’s some ‘futures’ / investment speculation that may be causing some hyped up values. That’s normal under any situation. But much of that hype is based on the fact that the economy is doing good and projecting that the future will also be doing good. So, be careful while investing in the stock market. But keep in mind, our primary issue right now is the Federal Reserve. This of course is a more complicated dynamic discussion, but overall the economy is doing quite well, even while the fed continues to sabotage it / steal your wealth through interest hikes.

Michael Vincent

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