The Climate Change Scam…

The US federal government is incredibly hypocritical and deceiving/scamming the public. They push the false narrative of global warming, while at the same time, not really taking steps that would counteract global warming, if it was in fact really occurring. They are invading Sovereign Nations to continue the petro/oil monopoly, why ignoring other areas of the world and identities that are destroying the environment, like what’s happening with the rain forest. I’m personally not a believer in global warming, but I believe in moving towards Green Technology. Not because of global warming, but because I want to end the petro/oil monopoly of big oil and these politicians that are beholden to their agenda, and committing war crimes against humanity. And of course, I’m against cutting down the rain forest, and damaging our environment.

The government has brainwashed people into thinking that they are doing something about our carbon footprint, and reckless practices in relationship to our environment, but really, they’re just making huge amounts of money off taxes, while simultaneously empowering big oil and going to war for big oil, and the petrodollar monopoly. And that includes every president in modern history. None of them have taken any real significant steps in moving towards Green Technology and ending the petro/oil monopoly, or stopping entities around the world from destroying the environment, such as what’s happening to the rain forest.

The truth is, that the climate change anti sovereignty globalist rules and taxes are just intended as a form of control, and a way to loot the capital of Nations globally…

It’s nothing more than a THEORY that increased levels of Co2 are causing an increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere via the ‘greenhouse effect.’ But more and more scientists are arguing, that this is just a theory proving to be dead wrong. One that is being used by media, politicians and other organization to manipulate a gullible good intentioned public, so as to control them utilizing Agenda 21, and to loot their capital. Here’s the truth…

Carbon dioxide absorbs all radiation available to it in about ten meters. More CO2 only shortens the distance, which is not an increase in temperature. In other words, the first 20% of the CO2 in the air does most of what CO2 does, and it doesn’t do much.

CO2 produces a warming effect not by soaking up the radiation in its immediate vicinity, like a sponge, but by raising the effective radiating level of the atmosphere to a colder layer.

The atmosphere doesn’t act as a single unit, but is made up of hundreds of different layers. Some of the energy radiated from Earth is stopped in each of these layers. The energy is then re-radiated in a random direction, but on average the energy is moving either “up” or “down.” The atmosphere gets thinner as altitude increases, so eventually the radiation will reach a layer high enough and thin enough to escape to space.

If you increase the concentrations of a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, the thin upper layers will become more opaque and thus absorb more of the IR; therefore, the place where the majority of the energy finally escapes moves to a higher level. These higher levels are much colder (until you reach the stratosphere, but as most infrared photons escaping to space are emitted by the troposphere, this can be ignored), and so they do not radiate heat very well. Thus, the rate that radiation escapes to space is lower, and the planet will take in more than it radiates. As the higher levels emit some of the excess downwards, the lower levels will warm all the way down to the surface. The imbalance will remain until the higher levels get hot enough to radiate as much energy back out as the planet is receiving.

Co2 does not hold in heat. The public is being misled through propaganda to assume CO2 is like a sheet of plastic holding in heat. CO2 can only absorb 8% of radiation frequencies available (No one disputes this.), and only about 1% of the heat leaves the earth as radiation, the other 99% being conduction, convection and evaporation. Night vision equipment shows there is very little infrared radiation given off by normal temperature matter.

All of the energy flowing from Earth to space is necessarily in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Earth is floating in a vacuum, making it physically impossible for it to lose energy through conduction or convection. So, while much of the energy moving across the planet’s surface is not in the form of radiation, it is the only form of energy important in determining the planet’s temperature, the planet’s temperature being determined by the ratio of the flux of outgoing terrestrial radiation to the flux of incoming solar radiation.

Also, carbon dioxide is an effective absorber in the infrared spectrum. Due to its temperature, Earth radiates energy primarily in the infrared spectrum. So, while carbon dioxide may fill a small absorptive window, it fills a very important one.

And don’t forget CO2 is a heavy gas. Being one of the heaviest gas molecules in the atmosphere. CO2 stays low, hugging the ground and allowing plants to photosynthesize. It’s not staying in the atmosphere like what the propagandist artist have convinced the population.

– Michael Vincent –

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