Targeting The Globalist Funded Mercenaries In Syria…

Geopolitical lesson number one for the day. Targeting the globalist mercenaries in Syria, AKA Isis and the Wahhabi, is much different than targeting Assad’s regime for nefarious globalist aspirations. Isis is a terrorist organization utilized as mercenaries by the West/globalist. The fountainhead of Islamic extremism that promotes and legitimizes terrorism spawns from the fanatical “Wahhabi” strain of Islam centered in Saudi Arabia. These are the Mercenaries/Rebels that the West (The U.S.) help fund to fight proxy wars to topple regimes such as Assad’s regime in Syria for nefarious globalist aspirations. If the world wants to eliminate the globalist and such violent extremism, one important step is to confront these primary host and facilitators of terrorism. 

Forming an allegiance to target these elements with Russia, just as president Donald J Trump is doing, is most certainly a step in the right direction. Trump has teamed up with Russia in Syria to now go after those exact mercenaries once funded by the globalist and allied with particular Gulf States.

The true reason why the West (US & NATO) were fighting proxy wars, sending troops, conducting air raids, etc. in Syria specifically, was to overthrow Assad over competing pipelines to supply Europe with energy. Which would be in direct competition with Syria’s ally Russia, which currently supplies Europe with energy with a pipeline that runs through Syria. Assad refused to allow the competing pipeline to be built through his country because he is allied with Russia and wants to protect his allies interests as well as his countries own, rightfully so. There is also other geopolitical agendas at work as well for the West’s globalist imperialism such as to be in a better position to invade Iran if necessary in the future. But the primary conflict in Syria is over competing pipelines.

So Russia’s interest and activity in Syria is of course to defend it’s ally, its financial capital and to combat the terrorist (Mercenaries) the US & NATO have been funding to topple Assad. This is also the true reason that there is a refugee crisis in the first place. The West is destroying the country and displacing millions of people. The West is responsible for the suffering of millions of people.

– Michael Vincent –

The disputed pipeline details: The Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline (Islamic pipeline or Friendship Pipeline) by the governments involved & some Western sources (US) is a proposed natural gas pipeline running from the Iranian South Pars/North Dome Gas-Condensate field towards Europe via Iran, Iraq, Syria & Lebanon to supply European customers. The pipeline would be a competitor to the Nabucco pipeline from Azerbaijan to Europe. It is also an alternative to the Qatar-Turkey pipeline which had been proposed by Qatar to run from Qatar to Europe via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria & Turkey. Syria’s rationale for rejecting the Qatar proposal & Friendship Pipeline (Islamic pipeline) was said to be “to protect the interests of its Russian ally,” which is Europe’s top supplier of natural gas & also petroleum based energy.

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