Something Important To Understand About Donald Trump’s Economic Policies…

Trump’s policies will dramatically improve the economy long-term and there’s even a possibility of seeing it manifest rapidly. However, because of the reckless monetary policies and record acquired debt that has been acquired under Obama and those before him, I expect to see what some refer to as, “a correction in the market” to take place in the last quarter of 2018 or maybe even sooner, or maybe even a little bit later.

But regardless, I do believe it’s inevitable and there will be a depression, or at least a recession. It’s called a stock/bond market bubble, similar to the 2008 housing bubble. And it’s just a matter of time before it completely pops. It’s not completely Obama’s fault, but his quantitative easing, aka stimulus package geared towards pumping artificial fiat currency into the market to keep it temporarily afloat so as to kick the can down the road, will eventually catch up to the speculative markets and consequences will be felt globally. It may be possible to prevent this with Trumps policies, but it won’t be easy.

Trump has a huge mess to clean up, but his policies will have long-term positive effects. But his policies may actually trigger the recession/depression to occur sooner than later, but that may be a necessary cause and effect that our country must endure sooner than later. Some believe that it may be possible to completely avoid the depression/recession, but I don’t see how that’s possible. Time shall tell, but buckle up and prepare yourself.

Just like the Roman Empire, many (not all) of the people of this Nation have become complacent, decadent, entitled, devious, immoral, unethical, and above all else, have come to believe that we are not prone to the failures of past civilization. Many have not learned from history.

As our military has been unjustifiably used and overstretched, as we have created unsustainable entitlements and run away debt, as we have created a fraudulent monetary system creating huge amounts of dangerous derivatives, as we consume more than we produce, and as we have allowed our politicians to loot the capital of our country and the entire world, many Nations around the world have woken up to these truths and have already taken significant steps in moving away from our monetary system and the dependency on America and our interests. So, Trump certainly has his work cut out for him.

– Michael Vincent –

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