Russia Will Be Debt Free By The End Of The Year…

The reason why you have been conditioned to believe Russia is the enemy, is because of the propaganda by the West. Russia is not beholden to the Rothschild Central banking system nor the petrodollar monopoly. Unlike other countries around the world that have been either forced into these systems or bamboozled into these systems, including the United States of America herself, Russia is not plagued by false derivatives and debt that will take generations to pay off. Russia will soon be debt-free because of their own sensible physical and monetary system and policies. And the little bit of debt that they do have left over from the old Soviet Union, is not from Banks.

For those unaware, the Petrodollar Monopoly is basically an agreement between oil-producing countries to only allow their oil to be traded with the US dollar. So in order to acquire oil from these countries you have to purchase it with US dollars. Petrodollar Monopoly wars are waged against countries that refuse or break legions to this agreement. For example if an individual like Saddam Hussein decides to allow his oil to be traded with the euro the US at that point invades Iraq and takes out Saddam Hussein and his regime and then props up another regime that will comply with only allowing their oil to be traded with the US dollar. That is what the petrodollar Monopoly is and what the petrodollar Monopoly war are.

​​- Michael Vincent –

For those interested in learning about the petrodollar monopoly system, this link explains it in very specific detail. This is part 1 of a series entitled preparing for the collapse of the petrodollar system. In this part he explain the history and what the system is very specifically. Everything you can possibly need to know about the petrodollar system is pretty much in this guy’s series… Preparing For The Collapse Of The Petrodoller System

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