Russia Is Ready To Restore Relations With The U.S….

Shortly after Donald J Trump’s election, Russian president Vladimir Putin was welcoming ambassadors to Moscow, at which point he took the opportunity to address the American people’s decision to elect Mr. Trump. Putin openly discussed looking forward to finding peace with the United States at last. He also expressed his awareness of president-elect Donald J Trump’s comments of wanting to resume and restore relations with Russia, and therefore looks forward to an alliance in the future with America. Trump has said he would like to Ally with Russia to fight Isis, a common enemy. Russia as a possible future Ally is now within reach under Donald J. Trump’s presidency. However, as we have seen since Trump’s election and before, the establishment globalist are trying to sabotage our future allegiance by poisoning the minds of Americans, as well as other tactics. If we expose this agenda, the globalist will not be successful and we can prevent war with Russia and create an alliance with Russia.

The truth is, Obama and the establishment are trying to convince the American people that the Russians are our enemy because they want to topple Assad’s regime in Syria over competing pipelines and other geopolitical nefarious aspirations. Russia is allies with Syria and they will do what it takes to protect Assad and Syria, including war. So, the current administration and establishment is trying to set a precedent to engage in a direct war with Russia. The true reason why they’re going to war with Russia has nothing to do with Russian aggression against the US, but rather has to do with the West’s and Gulf States aggression against Russia and their allies in Syria.

In regards to the Russian hacking propaganda, the truth is, it wasn’t the Russians that hacked/leaked the DNC emails and leaked it to WikiLeaks. It was the Democrats own. It was an inside job. Shawn Lucas, as shown in a viral YouTube video, was serving the Democratic National Committee (DNC) a lawsuit over the organization’s favoring of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. Seth Rich was the Voter Expansion Data Director at the DNC, where he had been employed for two years. While working with the DNC, Seth leaked their emails and released them to WikiLeaks in efforts to expose the unethical and illegal behavior against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary. Shortly after, they were both found brutally murdered. And those involved went on to try and blame the Russians for the DNC hacking. Put two and two together and it’s not that hard to figure out who had these whistleblowers brutally murdered. All these efforts to try and blame the Russians for tampering with the elections for Trump in reality is a diversion from the truth. It was people on the inside that were leaking this information so as to expose the corruption that surrounded them. And all this anti-Russian propaganda, is over geopolitical wars.

– Michael Vincent –

Putin Says Russia Is Now Ready And Willing To Restore Full Relations With The U.S….


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