Ron Paul VS.¬†Bernie Sanders…

To me the two minds that represent the two great opposing philosophical and political views of the counterculture of our time are Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders:

While they both certainly have things in common and come from an honest sincere philosophical and political view, they most certainly are vastly different. While Ron Paul believes in free market principles based in Austrian economics and believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in its truest sense, Bernie Sanders has a socialist view based in Keynesian economics and believes that certain services should be considered a right such as Healthcare and Higher education. I do believe that both of them have an honest agenda that is of the same as far as achieving prosperity and creating great civilizations, but their philosophical view of how to achieve it is far different and uncompromising as it should be. Of course, if you know me you know I’m in the school of thought as Ron Paul.

Under the principles of how I interpret what I was taught from Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement, is that under the principles of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, one has a right to not service another for whatever reason they want and without having to give a reason. One has the right to pursue services and offer services, but one does not have a right to force another to give them services. One has the right to live but cannot force another to live for them, or to stabilize their life for them. One cannot take another’s life against another’s will, but one cannot be forced to save another’s life against one’s will. One cannot violate another’s rights when one is simply exercising one’s rights. And one cannot have a right that violates another’s rights.

I believe this gives the people something worth believing in that can be applied to everything. In my view Bernie Sanders philosophy violates much of what I believe and stand for. But I do still feel as though he does come from an honest place and many of his followers at heart are good decent people.

– Michael Vincent –

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