Over Regulation And Over Taxation Are Counterproductive…

In a well-regulated (not over-regulated) system, there is plenty of capital for hard working individuals to supply themselves with all their living necessities and higher needs and wants. And they are effectively provided within the private sector, including healthcare, retirement accounts, higher educational systems, so on and so forth. We don’t need the government to over-regulate, and we don’t need the government to over-tax to save for people’s needs and wants and then redistribute their wealth back to them as though they are children. They are adults that are more than capable of supplying their own needs and wants, as well as providing for each other. And we certainly do not need the government to take over private sector industries such as healthcare or higher education.

It’s best and Constitutional to keep these industries in the private sector as opposed to government takeovers. When these services are offered by multiple private sector companies, competition thrives, therefore quality and price improves, as opposed to monopolized government programs where abuse, waste and fraud inevitably endure. It’s important to have sensible regulations on these private sector services and Industries of course, but the government’s role is to preserve Liberties and rights, therefore their legislation should reflect so.

For the government to over-regulate and/or over-tax these industries, or to simply take over these industries, are very bad ideas. History has already shown the downsides to all of this. Government is there to hold industries accountable and to prevent monopolies and ensure people have their Liberties and rights, that’s why regulations are important, but when the government over-regulates and over-taxes, or simply takes over industries, we have tyranny. When the government completely takes over industries, there is no other governing force other than themselves to hold themselves accountable, therefore waste, abuse, fraud, and corruption is inevitable. Absolute power absolutely corrupts.

– Michael Vincent –

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