One Of The Greatest Illusions Used By The Slavers To Disillusion The Enslaved, 

was convincing them they are free, while in reality enslaving them through debt servitude. Any man that is in financial bondage is not truly free and is a slave to the lender, and has sacrificed liberty. While there may be an argument that you are not truly enslaved if you are in debt with things that you don’t really need, there is no argument that you are in fact in modern-day slavery if you are in debt with things absolutely crucial to life. Such as food, water and shelter.

I have come to understand that many Americans and humans in general suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. They worship and viciously defended the ones that oppress them while at the same time, lash out at those who attempt to help liberate them. They have been institutionalized and propagandized by the state-controlled corporate media. They are truly misguided and mentally enslaved. Their misplaced love and passion is strong and cannot be broken. When we try to redirect there love and passion, and educate them on the true nature of the current state of humanity, and what true liberty and freedom is, they unfortunately cannot comprehend nor conceptualize the truth. Nothing will break their denial. It’s stronger than their love and their passion. In fact, it’s reinforced by their love and their passion. They are lost souls bound in both physical and spiritual captivity and will forever be in perpetual bondage. If you yourself do not break from them, you will forever be trapped with them. Liberate yourself.

– Michael Vincent –

Debt Servitude – Fractional Reserve Banking / Lending Explained…

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