Obamacare Was Designed To Rob The Private Sector And Eventually Go Bankrupt…

For example, Obamacare was and is robbing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s profits to help subsidize the unconstitutional bankrupting Obamacare. Those subsidies (profits from the private sector) could have been and could be used to help Finance homeowners through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. When Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in essence went bankrupt (got a bailout), the government seized on the situation by first bailing them out with taxpayer money, and then eventually took advantage of the situation and their profits after they recovered by rewriting the conditions and redistribution of their profits. It was a government takeover.

Obamacare was designed to bankrupt our healthcare system and create monopolies so they can eventually attempt to implement full government control through a single payer system. It was designed to scale back work hours to below 30 hours a week. It was designed to strip the power from the doctors and transfer the power and decision-making to unelected government bureaucrats. It was designed for the government to profit off people not having Healthcare through the fines that are implemented on people that cannot afford Healthcare. It was designed to make certain Healthcare plans illegal. It was designed to strip people of their Liberties and Rights. It was designed to increase taxes in areas that the public is unaware of. It was designed to implement full tyranny on the public and the private sector and steal yet another of its most magnificent services. And the list goes on.

Obamacare is deeply flawed and unconstitutional. And a single payer system is even more terrible. It’s good for consumers to have a choice of insurers, who have real incentives to innovate and come up with better ways to keep their customers healthy and costs down. Keep in mind, there are very few truly single-payer systems in the world. Most countries rely on many insurers. Germany has over 150 sickness funds. In France 90% of the citizens have supplementary health insurance. And Sweden has moved away from a single-payer system.

Free market principles is the way to go. This will broaden healthcare access, make healthcare more affordable and improve the quality of the care available to all Americans. The reason for this is simple, it creates diverse competition and incentive that naturally brings down the cost of healthcare and raises the level of quality of healthcare. Incentive and competition are imperative.

Sensible intelligent and balanced regulations put into place with very little government involvement is the sensible avenue. Not over-regulation and wasteful bureaucracy. We also need to have a thriving economy that allows such a market to exist in the first place, which also involves government getting out of the way and allowing human ingenuity and liberty to thrive.

In order to break up healthcare insurance monopolies, we must have a free market plan that permits the sale of healthcare across state lines allowing vendors to compete and thus lower prices for consumers. That is very necessary for a free market healthcare system to truly thrive. By allowing competition in the market, insurance costs will go down and consumer satisfaction will go up. Price transparency should be provided by healthcare providers, organizations and doctors, but consumers also must have the Liberty to decide for themselves what insurance provider and doctors they want and exactly what kind of plan fits their needs and affordability. Liberty and choice is imperative.

A true free market healthcare system will end government enforced monopolization of entities such as the drug industry. So, we need Congress to step away from the special interests and lobbyists and do what is right for the American people. Allowing consumers more options and their Liberty, will create competition which will increase quality and lower costs.

There is certainly issues that need to be worked out and regulated. For example, doctors Physicians, and hospitals are charging way above their contracted pricing with health insurance providers and then just writing off the difference that we and insurers don’t pay, raking in huge amounts of profits that should be taxed. An unchecked unregulated system like this is empowering and incentivizing Physicians/hospitals etcetera, to charge way over what they should be. Those write-offs should be eliminated. But never forget, healthcare is a service, not a right.

Healthcare Is A Service, Not A Right…

Under the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, practices such as healthcare are considered a service not a right. One has a right to seek and offer services but one doesn’t have a right to force others to give them services or purchase services. People providing services have the right to charge whatever they want. And they have the right to decide for themselves who they are going to service and not service, for whatever reason they choose and without having to give a reason. It’s their body. It’s their skills. It’s their practices and services. No one has the right to force another to live for them. One has the right to live but cannot force another to live for them, or to stabilize their life for them. One cannot take another’s life against another’s will, but one cannot be forced to save another’s life against one’s will. One cannot violate another’s rights when one is simply exercising one’s rights. And one cannot have a right that violates another’s rights. These are some of the most basic simple principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that never change throughout the space time continuum. These principles will forever be applicable and never be outdated under any circumstances.

When we compare our true rights with the proposed right to healthcare. The dispute is now relatively simple to solve for one who values Liberty and Freedom and understands what that truly means. Some argue that in a nation as wealthy as ours, it is ridiculous not to have healthcare mandated to everyone. But no matter how noble the cause, if it does not pass the criterion of basic human rights, then there must be another way, without violating the basic principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Their argument may be motivated and or rationalized as, healthcare being a right, but healthcare, unlike true rights, is not unalienable and is not a right at all. It is subject to economics, the goodwill and disposition of mankind, and even legislators, but healthcare is a good not a right.

There may very well be a moral responsibility of a doctor or healthcare providers to provide services for those in need, but this responsibility does not make healthcare a right or an entitlement. It is ultimately up to the one providing services to determine who they offer their services to and for how much. It is not a basic human right any more than owning a home, owning property, or having any other available commodity that is so easily alienable from humanity. True rights, are not commodities. They are inseparable from our natures. They are a gift to us to choose our course and pursue our happiness. They are not the happiness in and of themselves, but rather the opportunity to seek and/or pursue. You have a right to pursue and offer healthcare, but healthcare is not a right.

​When individuals like Bernie Sanders preach about how immoral it is for health insurance providers to not cover individuals with pre-existing conditions, they never talk about how immoral it is for someone to wait until they get sick and/or a terminal illness before they get health insurance. It’s irresponsible for an individual to not get health insurance until after they get sick. It’s one’s responsibility to get health insurance voluntarily before one gets sick in case one does get sick at a later date. And if one does not, then they are responsible for the consequences. If one already has health insurance and then gets sick, it’s immoral and should be illegal for one’s health insurance provider to kick one off their insurance plan or unjustifiably raise their rates from their prior contract. But never forget, healthcare is not a right. The government’s role is to legislate laws geared towards preserving people’s Liberties and Rights including enforcing contracts if necessary, but it is not their role to legislate morality.

– Michael Vincent –

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