The New World Order…

US leadership under both the Democrats and Republicans, as well as NATO leadership, have all been occupied by criminal globalist that have a specific agenda. World domination through monopolies such as the Rothschild’s central banking cartel, the US petrodollar monopoly (world’s reserve currency), anti-sovereignty trade deals like NAFTA and TPP, energy, resources, and a monopoly of military force. They set up military bases and prop up puppet regimes all over the globe. They don’t hesitate for one moment to commit war crimes against humanity to push their agenda. The globalists are made up of politicians in nations all around the world, bankster’s, military personnel, CEOs, the Bilderberg Group, members of the UN, Council of foreign relations, the trilateral commission and more. Their primary enemy (competitors) that are not beholden to their monetary system and agenda are Russia, China and Iran, as well as some others.

The ‘Trilateral Commission’ is a group with a globalist agenda funded primarily by David Rockefeller. They are a group of elite people from the private sector that work with political and government officials to undermine National Sovereignty and create International tribunals/courts and multinational corporations so as to make up their own rules as they go, so as to consolidate power and wealth through operations such as slave labor. They bypass countries laws and governing bodies all over the world, including our Constitution, Congress and Supreme Court. Those that are apart of all this meet yearly and call themselves the Bilderberg Group. They consist of the globalist establishment elite, and meet every year to discuss world policy so as to continue to form policies that forces the continuation of currency wars to maintain monetary dominance and more importantly, to suppress energy technologies so as to keep the human race enslaved through slave labor and debt servitude. They discuss and implement a wide range of other world policies as well.

Central Bankers such as the Rothschild’s, scheme to benefit from the fallout of financial bubbles that they create with the help of oligarchical Keynesian economic activity, such as quantitative easing. They scheme to re-position their assets to ensure they exploit market turmoil just as they did with the 2008 housing crash. They bet on which way the markets are going to go based on things such as derivatives, so as to consolidate assets and loot the Nation’s capital. They clean up a lot of distressed assets. Mergers and monopolies occur on unprecedented global scales, to further their ultimate agenda of a one world centralized governing body with a monopoly of force that controls the majority of the world’s assets such as energy resources like oil and natural gas, the food supply, water, healthcare, global real estate, the banking monetary system, education institutions, factories and the list goes on and on. They’ve already done this on smaller scales in numerous other countries for decades. They first bankrupt countries and corporations with their puppet politicians utilizing Keynesian economics, with the creation of over taxation, predatorial regulations, interest rate manipulation, wars and much much more. They then consolidate most of the assets creating monopolies, so as to eventually create a one-world-government or one-world-order, in order to acquire their ultimate goal of global domination. They are attempting to make everyone dependent on them and their governing/monetary dictatorial systems.

The Petrodollar Monopoly

The ‘Petrodollar Monopoly’ is basically an agreement between oil-producing countries to only allow their oil to be traded with the US dollar. So, in order to acquire oil from these countries you have to purchase it with US dollars. Petrodollar Monopoly wars are waged against countries that refuse or break legions to this agreement. For example, if an individual like Saddam Hussein decides to allow his oil to be traded with the euro the US at that point invades Iraq and takes out Saddam Hussein and his regime and then props up another regime that will comply with only allowing their oil to be traded with the US dollar. That is what the petrodollar Monopoly is and what the petrodollar Monopoly war are.

The petrodollar monopoly era is more than just about maintaining the current monetary dominance in the world and maintaining the US Dollar status as the world’s Reserve currency. It’s also about keeping Humanity in perpetual bondage. The continuation of this current system for both currency and as our primary energy source is holding Humanity back from evolving to the point where we utilize revolutionary new energy technology. Energy technologies that far surpasses even solar, wind and nuclear power. We’re talking about energy like cold fusion and antimatter that could free the human species.

The United States CIA & NATO with Gulf States have been financing and creating terrorist organizations to fight proxy wars for decades. Most current and highlighted is the activities in Syria and terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The fountainhead of Islamic extremism that promotes and legitimizes terrorism spawns from the fanatical “Wahhabi” strain of Islam centered in Saudi Arabia. They are the prime source of Mercenaries/Rebels that the West (The US & NATO) fund with Gulf States to fight proxy wars in regions of the world such as Syria, so as to topple regimes like Assad’s regime for nefarious geopolitical aspirations. If the world wants to eliminate such violent extremism, it must confront these primary hosts and facilitators of terrorism, and all their financial supporters.

The true reason why the West (US & NATO) are fighting proxy wars, sending troops, conducting air raids, etc. in Syria specifically, is to overthrow Assad over competing pipelines to supply Europe with energy. Which would be in direct competition with Syria’s ally Russia, which currently supplies Europe with energy with a pipeline that runs through Syria. Assad refuses to allow the competing pipeline to be built through his country because he is allied with Russia and wants to protect his allies’ interests as well as his countries own, rightfully so. There are also other geopolitical agendas at work as well for the West’s globalist imperialism such as to be in a better position to invade Iran if necessary in the future. But the primary conflict in Syria is over competing pipelines. So, Russia’s interest and activity in Syria is of course to defend its ally, its financial capital and to combat the terrorist (Mercenaries) the US & NATO are funding to topple Assad. And this is also the true reason that there is a refugee crisis in the first place. The West is destroying the country and displacing millions of people. The West is responsible for the suffering of millions of people.

– Michael Vincent –

People think that the New World Order is a conspiracy theory, and that even the term itself was made up by conspiracy theorist. But the truth is, not only is it not a conspiracy theory, the term itself was coined by those who are part of the New World Order, the Bush family…. 

September 1st: NWO Declares War On Humanity…

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