Net “Neutrality” / Government Takeover Of The Internet…

With “Net Neutrality,” bureaucrats review the “fairness” of search engine search results, Facebook’s news feeds and news sites, links to one another, and so on and so forth. Bureaucrats funded by lobbyist and special interest oversee peering, content-delivery networks and other crucial parts of the interconnected network that enables everything from YouTube to online surgery. They also have a kill switch to turn off the net from anyone at will for any reason they decide, including political opposition. And there’s a long list of other terrible things as well. The Constitution does not apply towards the internet in their view. Competition is stagnated and monopolies can form. The internet can be a tool for tyranny to strip Liberties.

Never forget, there is no such thing as “neutral” allocation of resources, whether done by government or a free market. In the marketplace, goods and services primarily allocate per those who demand the goods and can afford the goods. Goods and services tend to go to where they are most demanded. Supply and demand, intensive and competition. Competitors will lower and increase their prices and/or quality of their products so as to appeal to a different demographic, but competition for prices and quality will naturally spawn and work themselves out. It’s the nature of the markets.

The federal government is either ignorant or intentionally deceiving you into thinking there will be some form of “neutrality’ with broadband or anything else that one thinks they’re going to bring in the form of “neutrality’ to the net. Once again, the government seeks to takeover a private sector good that will ultimately lower the quality of the good and/or significantly increase the price (in this case, internet services). Monopolies will of course form as designed, and they will capitalize through crony capitalism as opposed to true free market competitive capitalism. It’s the same old story repeating itself over and over again. And of course, young Leftist are brainwashed into believing that these government takeovers are for their well-being, when in fact it’s exactly the opposite and they should be fighting against it fiercely.

There is another angle but of course, as we all know, the establishment globally is doing everything they can and have been for quite some time, to silence independent journalists from getting the truth out to the people. They have used all types of different tactics including shutting off the internet around the world. They do this to silence their opposition as well as to utilize as a form of economic warfare. There have been more than 50 government shutdowns of the Internet in 2016, costing the involved countries millions of dollars while stagnating citizen’s freedoms during crucial moments. And many political opposition and/or independent journalist have been target. This is incredibly dangerous for the economy and for people’s Liberties and even safety. Many cultures around the world have become somewhat dependent on the internet for various functions in their everyday life, that people take for granite. And the internet is crucial to getting the truth out to people that the establishment wishes to suppress.

People fear that they will completely shut down the internet, but that would-be suicide because that would shut down and collapse the economy, as well as create a whole host of other very serious detrimental problems. We live in a very different world now; the internet is absolutely crucial. This is why it’s important that we do not have a centralized monopoly of force with complete control over the internet or anything else for that matter. Absolute power absolutely corrupts every time. This also all ties into the whole “Fake News” propaganda.

The Truth about Fake News…

Facebook, Google and Twitter are all supposedly taking measures to limit “Fake” News on their platforms. First of all, it’s primarily the corporate mainstream media’s involvement in false narratives and unethical spin that is damaging our society. And secondly, the truth is, this is just a clever way to attack the First Amendment and the alternative media. Independent media is truly dedicated to giving people real reliable non-propaganda news and opinions. Facebook, Twitter and Google claim that they’re going after what they determine to be “fake” news (which there is plenty of), but in reality, they are simply targeting their political opposition.

The state-sponsored corporate mainstream media has been involved in soviet-style propaganda for quite some time. They utilize every form of propaganda and spin that they can muster up. It’s a well-documented fact that the mainstream media has been a government mouthpiece since at least the early 50’s. The C.I.A. for example is heavily in the propaganda business and works side-by-side with mainstream media outfits to determine how and what exactly they’re going to propagandize to shape the psyche of the American population. It’s even listed in their budget reports for the public to clearly see. If people just simply studied the facts in detail, the truth becomes clear. It’s all on record and in plain sight. It’s not even hidden. Do not believe one word that you hear or read in the mainstream media. They’re covering for the establishment, I can guarantee you that. We are currently witnessing some of the most corrupt unethical propaganda reporting that the country has ever seen.

The mainstream media is a joke, liars and are bitches of the government. They aren’t allowed to think freely, independently, have their own set of principles or moralities, and will never have a meaningful cause to fight for in their entire pathetic existence in this realm. One major reason this is, is because there are not financially independent. They depend heavily on subsidies from the federal government to fund their operations because they lack the support and ratings they need to be self-sufficient.

We the people must be aware of these things and take the proper countermeasures. Only Liberty will free humanity.

– Michael Vincent –

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