Mutually Assured Destruction…

If a world war should break out/or social unrest should endure, it is crucial that the citizens of the country are sufficiently armed and supplied. It’s dangerous to give one body or military a monopoly of force. The military or any other entity should not have a monopoly of force against its own citizens. Citizens should be sufficiently armed and supplied to defend themselves against enemies both domestic and foreign, which would include their own government should their government become tyrannical, as well as invading armies. And our military should not be engaging in imperialist activities and seeking a monopoly of force against the world either. I believe that we should certainly have a strong standing military that is capable of defending this country, but we should also not be invading Sovereign Nations for the petrodollar monopoly or for any other geopolitical nefarious aspirations. And other Nations should have the means and capability to defend themselves against other potential invading armies including our own as well. This balance of forces between governments, and citizens, is the only hope for peace. Absolute power and military force, absolutely corrupts and leads to imperialism. Which leads to world wars. Mutually assured destruction is the only way to prevent assured destruction. This is the nature of man.

No One Will Possess Anything In This Physical Realm That I Cannot… 

I do not believe any individual regardless of their position in this realm should be allowed to have any kind of weapons or means of defense that is above mine or any other responsible law-abiding citizen. I reject the concept on principle alone.  My mind and perception in and of this realm and existence is no less capable, or of lesser sound mind and judgment, then of anyone else on this planet. And I will never allow anyone to dictate to me otherwise. I will never allow myself to succumb to a slave mentality or a sheeple state of existence. Those that comply with the collective’s dictates of morality and acceptance will forever Live In perpetual bondage. Humanity will never break these physical and spiritual restraints until they first free their Minds.

– Michael Vincent –

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