Moment Of Prospective…

First of all, I don’t want to downplay anyone’s personal problems in life because I think pretty much all of us have gone through or at some point will go through these common themes that people go through in their personal lives. And for us that have been there done that, as we get older they may seem trivial to us but we still must remain sensitive to what people are going through.

But having said that, next time you’re having some kind of issue like a dispute with your girlfriend or boyfriend, or maybe you’re having some monetary issues as a result of poor judgment, or any other issue that is relatively trivial and simple to solve and not really a big issue at all. Just remember there are truly horrific horrible tragedies happening on a daily basis globally that are out of people’s hands, that they can’t just simply solve by getting their mind right, like what many of you out there know damn well is your truth. Horrific things like, genocide, murder, rape, starvation, war crimes against humanity, torture, false imprisonment, profound suffering and agony, slavery, paralyzing and serious health conditions, and the list goes on. We must remember and never lose focus on the true issues that Humanity is facing that we need to find solutions for.

I know it’s easy for me to say get over your petty issues and start focusing on the world’s issues instead because I’m not really going through any struggles at all. But trust me when I tell you I have been through struggles in my life that I have personally overcome and worked myself through. The level I’m at now where I can use my intelligence and strong health to continue to acquire monetary success, personal success and relationships of all types, and have a clear confident vision for my future, only happened because I made a conscious decision to focus my mind, educate my mind, and stay one hundred percent confident in who I am and what my goals are. And as soon as I got on the right path and things started going well for me is when I really started to notice the true tyranny and struggle that the world is suffering through, that I feel is somehow my destiny to help solve or be a part of the solution.

I know for me this is very crucial and I think it’s very crucial also for you. We all need to take our minds off the stupid shit and start focusing on the real struggles in life. Start recognizing the real problems and get off the petty bullshit. I remember when I was younger and whining to my dad about a girl or something stupid. And at first, he would listen and try and help, but eventually he got angry and told me to get over it and focus on the important stuff. And I think his response was a crucial part of my development. And that’s how I feel now about when I hear or see people out there crying, bitching and moaning about stupid issues. I feel like my dad now and I’m getting angry at you and I want you all to get your damn minds right already. No more sympathy from me at all. Get some work, break up with the other person or some shit, make some money, get your shit together and then you can start helping us fight for Liberty and Freedom for the entire world. Thank you for your time.

– Michael Vincent –

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