Lying may be unethical at times, but it’s certainly within one’s rights…

Lying may be unethical at times, but it’s certainly within one’s rights, under the principles of the Declaration of Independence. Criminalizing lying opens up the door to far more tyranny than what one thinks they’re preventing by criminalizing lying. An example of this in which we are seeing play out in today’s time period, is the Michael Flynn situation…

Michael Flynn was charged with the crime of lying. Now, why wasn’t Michael Flynn charged with a crime that he lied about?? Because he didn’t lie about any crime that he committed but rather was brought up on the charge of lying to the FBI, which could have simply been a memory lapse or an answered question with spin put on it by the prosecutors.

Lying should not be a crime. Now, if you lie about a crime that you committed and they find out that you did indeed commit the crime in which you’re lying about and can prove it, then you can and should be charged with the crime that you lied about but not lying about the crime. In other words, lying within itself isn’t a crime or at least it shouldn’t be under the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

Does the FBI and or our legislators think the FBI is some righteous above-it-all entity that one cannot lie to but it’s perfectly legal to lie to everybody else?? Well, apparently they do because they have specifically criminalized lying to the FBI. The reason why they have created this legislation, is so that when they cannot catch somebody in an actual crime, they can simply word their questions and or ask questions in a way in which even if someone doesn’t remember the details exactly correct, they can simply trump up the charge of lying. They may have designed and utilize this unethical tact against actual hardened criminals so if they can’t pin any crimes on them, they can simply use it to bring them down. But they also target their political rivals for political special interest reasons which creates tyranny. It’s a tyrannical practice that should be eliminated immediately based on the founding constitutional principles of this country.

Michael Vincent

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