James Comey Prepares For Yet Another Pre-written Testimony (Script), For A Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing, In Regards To Trump And The Russian Flynn Investigation…

On Thursday June 8th 2017, there will be a Senate intelligence committee circus hearing, to officially record former F.B.I. Director James Comey, claiming Donald J. Trump “URGED” (not demanded), that he drop the Russian conspiracy theory / political propaganda investigation, of former national security adviser Michael Flynn. In other words, Trump allegedly asked Comey to cut out the political witch hunt nonsense and get back to real F.B.I. work. The political tool known as former F.B.I. Director James Comey, has in fact already pre-written his testimony, claiming that president Donald J. Trump did “urge” (not demand) that he drop the bogus investigation. Which by the way, is not illegal anyways, so, this whole banana republic type crap is a mute point and WILL go down in history as complete absurdity with criminal intend by the establishment. But regardless, the circus show must go on. However, here is the real story for those who value the truth, and what history will really recognize and record…

During a testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 3rd, 2017 by Former FBI Director James Comey, he was officially recorded as saying, that he was NEVER told to stop the investigation due to political reasons, which clearly contradicts his new claim that Trump pressured him to stop the Flynn investigation in February, right?? Well, if James Comey does testify Thursday as his pre-written testimony states, then he admits to committing perjury because of his previous testimony, correct? Well, technically the answer is perhaps NO. WHY NO?? Because Comey said in his previous testimony that he was never “TOLD” to “STOP” the investigation, which is legally far different then his new claim that Trump “URGED” he drop the investigation. Asking / Urging someone, is not the same a telling / mandating / or ordering someone. Which technically legally clears both him (James Comey) and Trump of any charges of obstruction of Justice. Not is it only legal for Trump to ask / suggest / “URGE” one to drop their bogus investigation, it’s completely meaningless and does nothing to “obstruct” justice whatsoever.

However, the interesting thing is, if Comey did in fact feel Trump broke the law about his alleged “URGING”, he (COMEY) is liable and obligated to inform the proper authorities of such assumed criminality, which would be Jeff Sessions (the Attorney General) in this situation. If a crime on this federal level was assumed by Comey to have been committed, it’s considered a crime for him (Comey) to not inform the proper legal channels (the Attorney General) of the assumed criminality. Which begs the question to as why Comey sat on this information, and also raises legal questions to as if James Comey himself should be charged and punished with a crime accordingly. Was Comey withholding the information to use as possible blackmail? Is this whole story yet just another complete falsehood propaganda tool? Well, regardless, it is Comey who could and perhaps should face charges for real crimes, not the President.

And Trump needs not to worry, because it doesn’t really matter to Trump from a legal stand point, because regardless, Trump is well within his legal rights. But, will Trump’s legal standing be enough to utilize with our justice and checks and balance system, to fend off the corrupt political elite that is still in power on many levels and in many seats? Only time will tell, but even if our system ignores Trump’s clear legal merits, and rather decides to attempt to strip him of his elected position as the president of the United States of America, Trump as the president and We The People, (including law enforcement and military personnel), will have many legal and constitutional options to exercise. If I were Comey, I’d plea the 5th, and move on, and thank the Gods to not only still be free, but ALIVE. 

– Michael Vincent –

Testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 3rd, 2017 by Former FBI Director James Comey, stating he was NEVER told to stop the investigation due to political reasons…

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