• Is Discrimination Violating One’s Rights, Or Is It One’s Right To Discriminate?

A huge reason why we have political correctness in this country that prevents us from taking the actions that we need to combat threats to this country such as Islamic extremists, is the fact that we have lost the concept of what life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness truly means.

Under the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, one has a right to not service another for whatever reason they want and without having to give a reason. One has the right to pursue services and offer services, but one does not have a right to force another to give them services. One has the right to live but cannot force another to live for them, or to stabilize their life for them. One cannot take another’s life against another’s will, but one cannot be forced to save another’s life against one’s will. One cannot violate another’s rights when one is simply exercising one’s rights. And one cannot have a right that violates another’s rights. So moral issues like discrimination may be unethical at times, but it’s never unconstitutional nor in violation of anyone’s rights.

By the way, this all relates to the problems that we’re having with Islamic extremism carrying out terrorist attacks in this country today. Many people in the private sector and on the government level are afraid to take action against individuals that could prevent terrorist attacks because they are afraid that they may be sued for discrimination or things of this nature. And/or they are afraid of being demonized as a racist, so on and so forth. But lawsuits for discrimination should never even have been allowed to be taken to court in the first place because it is one’s right to discriminate for whatever reason they want. Without even having to give a reason. You cannot force somebody to service you, and you can’t stop people from saying things that may hurt your feelings.

Now it may be unethical at times of course, but if we had kept the doors closed to all these lawsuits and litigation and embraced true free market principles, we wouldn’t have all this political correctness and inaction of combating true threats. We may have some ethical and culture issues as a result of not allowing the government to legislate every little ethical detail but those issues will work themselves out and will be far less of an issue than the issues that we’re having today. If one discriminates against you, simply take your business elsewhere. If one calls you an undesirable name or says something offensive, simply look the other way and move on. We need to end all these lawsuits and political correctness immediately before it kills more innocent lives.

– Michael Vincent –

Alot of the concepts and writings from this article were heavily influenced and taken from an excellent article by Jacob G. Hornberger, ‘No One Has a Right To Healthcare.’… https://www.fff.org/2016/02/03/no-one-has-a-right-to-health-care/

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