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Immigration Update
Trump Has Decided To End DACA
Did You Know That It’s Not Illegal To “Influence” An Election??
Did President Donald J. Trump Sign An Executive Order Mandating That The Obama Mandates Be Eliminated??
James Comey Prepares For Yet Another Pre-written Testimony (Script), For A Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing, In Regards To Trump And The Russian Flynn Investigation
The Mainstream Media Are The Mouthpiece For The Criminal Political Elite
The Dangers Associated With Not Abiding By The Fourth Amendment, And Microsoft’s Involvement
Central Bankers Such As The Rothschild’s Are Scheming
McCain Tried To Pull A Fast One On The American People
Kid Rock And Others Are Investing In The New America First Era And Are Set To Profit Enormously
Hypocrisy 101: Nancy Pelosi Wants To Study The GOP Bill
Trump Is Telling The Media And The Deep State To Put Up Or Shut Up
The Truth About The DNC Leaks
Obamacare Was Designed to Rob The Private Sector And Eventually Go Bankrupt
Leftist Respond Positive To President Trump’s First Address To A Joint Session Of Congress
VERY FAKE NEWS: Don Lemon Calls Out His Own On CNN
Democrats Want Trump Impeached
Milo Yiannopoulos Has Resigned From Breitbart But Has A New Exciting Announcement
Russia Will Be Debt Free By The End Of The Year
Targeting The Globalist Funded Mercenaries In Syria

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