George Soros Is An Admitted Well Documented Nazi Sympathizer And Collaborator…

George Soros is the last person on Earth that should be trying to make parallels between president Donald J. Trump and Adolf Hitler. George Soros is an admitted well documented Nazi sympathizer and collaborator that was involved in war crimes. Soros is not only personally responsible for helping Nazis commit crimes against humanity and other atrocities, he is also very proud of it and speaks highly of the experience. Some people believe that Soros had no other choice, but that’s the mindset, psychology and the creed of slaves.

Trump is nothing like Hitler, in fact he’s quite the opposite in many ways. For one, Hitler was a dictator with a very specific agenda that was uncompromising and nonnegotiable. Trump on the other hand strongly believes in negotiating in a way that benefits all parties involved. He certainly believes in America first, but not through brute force and war, but rather through the art of negotiation and commerce.

George Soros and “progressives” alike, along with the state-sponsored corporate mainstream media, have far more in common with Hitler and Nazi Germany than Donald Trump or any of his supporters could ever have. Both Nazi Germany and the mainstream media were/are both propagandist that played/play the people like puppets using disinformation and propaganda. Donald Trump and true conservatives are in fact the opposite of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. 

Hitler and Nazi Germany were socialist that used a monopolized centralized governing force to dictate to their markets as to how to run every aspect of their enterprise/services. Anything from healthcare, to higher education, and all through the entirety of their markets. The Nazis were also anti-gun ownership that stripped the rights of their citizens to possess firearms. And they in fact were globalist truly trying to take over the world utilizing their military strength. These are aspects that the extreme left supports and preaches, not Donald Trump or true conservatives.

Trump and his supporters are Nationalist and fiscal conservatives that are against all these interventionist imperialist wars, and believe in Capitalism with balanced budgets and deficits, not socialism. They want to get the government out of meddling in the marketplace, NOT more involved in the marketplace. They believe in free market principles unlike the left. They also are strong supporters of the Second Amendment. The right to bear and keep arms. Trump and his supporter’s policy positions are the opposite of socialist Nazi Germany. While on the other hand, liberal policies are very aligned with socialist Nazi Germany. Study the facts, not Nazi/Russian style propaganda coming from George Soros and others.

– Michael Vincent –

Documented Video Proof That George Soros Was A Proud Nazi Collaborator…

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