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Many people are concerned about the environment. The key to producing clean and safe energy, and not having to continue to war over energy is actually in a new designed Nuclear Power Plant that’s going to revolutionize the course of humanity. Nuclear power has been given a bad name primarily because they use outdated technology and science, don’t build the plants in the proper locations, and have poor security. But that can and will all change.

Dr. Leslie Dewan was named a TIME Magazine “30 People Under 30 Changing the World”, an MIT Technology Review “Innovator Under 35,” and a Forbes “30 Under 30” in Energy. She is an incredible Pioneer in the future of nuclear power. Leslie Dewan’s passion for environmental concerns led to the founding of Transatomic Power. Her and her team is designing and developing a molten salt reactor that burns 96% of its fuel, generates 75x more electricity per ton of uranium then old nuclear reactors, can run on old Nuclear waste, 0 carbon emissions and is virtually accident-proof because it uses liquid uranium fuel which reduces a meltdown drastically. If you believe man has a role in climate change, this is a solution, if you don’t think so, that’s OK too, because this technology benefits us in many other ways then just zero-emissions.
Nuclear reactors generate their heat via nuclear fission. This process unlocks vast amounts of energy from a small amount of fuel, and doesn’t generate carbon dioxide. In the core of the reactor there is a large, stable number of nuclear fission reactions, which occur when a uranium atom is struck by a neutron and splits in two, releasing additional neutrons and energy in the form of heat.

Today, almost all nuclear reactors worldwide are one type: the light water reactor. Leslie and her team are challenging the status quo by bringing back and improving upon a different design from the earliest days of the nuclear industry: Leslie and her team ingeniously revolutionized the molten salt reactor.

Molten salt reactors like Transatomic Powers, are fueled by uranium dissolved in a liquid salt. The fuel is not surrounded by cladding, making it possible to continuously remove the fission products that would otherwise stop the nuclear reaction. The liquid fuel is also much more resistant to structural damage from radiation than solid materials – simply, liquids have very little structure to be damaged. With proper filtration, liquid fuel can remain in a molten salt reactor for decades, allowing us to extract much more of its energy.

Leslie and her team’s reactor consumes nuclear fuel slowly and thoroughly, over the course of decades. Their extremely efficient fuel utilization means that they produce much less waste per year than a light water reactor, reducing the total volume of waste by 96%. Furthermore, the majority of the waste that comes out of their plant remains radioactive for only a few hundred years, rather than hundreds of thousands of years. And they can reuse others old nuclear power plants waste. And there is very little to no chance of a nuclear meltdown. It’s an ingenious Nuclear Power reactor that will revolutionize the future of energy.

– Michael Vincent –

Cited Source… Transatomicpower 

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