Did you know it’s not illegal for anyone to “influence” an election (key word, influence), including a foreign power??

It is ultimately the responsibility of the voting citizen, to make up his or her own mind as whom to vote for, regardless of outside influence. It’s not illegal for someone, including a foreign power, to influence an election. Or to even release documents regardless of government classified status, so as long as those documents can prove criminality. Individuals and entities are protected under America’s whistle-blower protection act’s, to release any documents regardless of classified status, at any time they choose, so as long as the documents can prove criminality and / or unconstitutionality.

So… even if the Russian influence conspiracy theory propagandized by the criminal establishment and mainstream media were true (which it’s not), it wouldn’t matter anyways, because it’s not illegal for Russia to “influence” (key word influence) our elections. Especially when that alleged influence, is the exposure of Hillary Clinton’s and or the DNC’s emails that prove mass unethical and illegal practices and behavior. Which weren’t leaked by Russia anyways, but rather by Seth Rich and others.

– Michael Vincent –

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