Debating Information And Having Wise Intelligence Are Two Different Attributes Entirely…

One could be a masterful articulate debater that can express information with master precision that dazzles the mind, provokes deep emotion, and leaves an impression on an audience that provokes sentiment and/ or gives a false sense of insight and education, without the speech really containing anything of true substance, or any real philosophical relevance or insight.

While on the other hand you could have an individual, who possesses truly profound deep wisdom and intellect and that may articulate and express his thoughts brilliantly through the skill of writing, but lacks the skill to express his insight off-the-cuff through the forum of debate.

Don’t confuse the skill and ability to debate with actual knowledge and insight. I often find people supporting leaders, especially in politics, solely based on their ability to debate and articulate, as opposed to their actual ability to lead or govern. I also tend to find people denouncing people simply because they may not be the most articulate individual. We must have the insight to look beyond posturing and things of this nature and actually look at the real substance, skills, and knowledge of an individual.

– Michael Vincent –

“How To Win Debates Without Really Making Arguments: An Introduction To Framing” With Adam Hawksbee…

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