This is a great historical time period. It is best for Britain and the US for Britain to leave the European Union. National security remains a national responsibility and the Union is not a natural contributor to national security of each of the countries/states, and it gets in the way of the countries/states providing security for its own people. Now specifically with Britain, Britain has very excellent security and resources while some others in the union do not and are actually a burden to Britain and in fact they take resources and security away from Britain in many cases. Britain is Europe’s leader in intelligence and security and gives far more than it gets in back. Britain leaving the EU will not have a negative effect on Britain or the US’s ability to co-operate with national security services which is a primary responsibility for national security. In fact, it will strengthen our security alliance with them because Britain will be less burdened by the others in the European Union. France is also a strong leader in Europe and there are a couple other variables to consider but we must always remember that these are Sovereign Nations that can make the decisions for themselves on what will strengthen their National Safety and Security. Another benefit of Britain leaving the Union is that, that will force other countries in the European Union that have been slacking on intelligence and security to step up their game. They became like welfare recipient’s dependent on the strength of others. They think they don’t have to do as much because they have the security of other strong leaders in the European Union like Britain and France. And yes I do believe in unity and helping out your fellow neighbors, but the relationship and system that has manifested with the European Union has become toxic. Once each individual country is self-sufficient and dependent on itself, that will strength Europe as a whole far greater, and then they will have stronger intelligence, resources and abilities to come to each other’s aide in times of need.

– Michael Vincent –

Here is some insight of the European Union by Alex Jones of

Alex Jones: “For decades some of the world’s most powerful have come together to meet and discuss world affairs in secret.”

“The Bilderberg Group is an unofficial conference of around 150 invitation-only guests who are insiders in politics, banking, business, military and the media. The group’s meetings are held in secret and are closed to the public. More and more people in governments in different European national governments and in the EU government are realizing that real decisions are being at globalist meetings like the Bilderberg. The Bilderberg Group covertly set up the European Union and its members are seeking world government. As more and more people become aware of this agenda, organizations like Bilderberg are becoming worried that their plans may be at risk. This Anglo-American Dutch power structure that’s hidden in the shadows and used the energy of the US and England to carry out this world government is in trouble because the American people and others are waking up to the fact that we have been used as the engine of this covert empire (Referring to the organization’s meeting as a mafia style commission meeting). The group meets annually to decide the world agenda for years to come. Years ago, I traveled to Virginia and covered the Bilderberg Group and the intel we got from inside was that Obama had been chosen and that Hillary was going to step down from the campaign, that was done two days after we announced it. We were able to discover that the Bilderberg Group was planning to run gas prices up to $150 a barrel, people laughed at us, it than happened in the next year. The Bilderberg Group is the “highest form of world government, and it runs its public “propaganda” through the Davos World Economic Forum and other humanitarian events. The planet is waking up to their covert criminal operation.”

– Alex Jones –

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