Affirmative Action Violates Liberties And Rights For Numerous Reasons And Does Not Address The Real Issues…

Some people call affirmative action reverse racism and others praise the program. But they’re both wrong. Affirmative action is forced racism. Individuals are chosen based on their “race” not their credentials. I would consider that to be a form of racism. This also in part creates entitlement syndrome and doesn’t address the real problems and solutions. While I do personally believe one can be chosen for a position for whatever reason the employer decides, I don’t think the decision should be forced upon them by any form of legislation or governing body.

People that support and/or utilize programs like affirmative action come to believe that they’re entitled based on ridiculous things such as race, religion, financial class and or creed, so on and so forth, as opposed to manifesting an entrepreneurial spirit and attitude, and addressing the real solutions and problems. These programs are quite literally poisoning the minds and hearts of man and do not address the real issues or manifest the real solutions and spirit.

A good example is Barack Hussein Obama who got into higher education (college) based on affirmative action and has manifested entitlement characteristics, and has learned to articulate his ridiculous points and philosophy quite well as a result. And now we have a president of the United States of America that has been poisoned mentally, politically and spiritually by these types of programs (as well as other conditions and teachings he was raised with), which has affected his decision making and is affecting the country drastically. We need new leadership and philosophers. Not more bureaucrats and misguided poisoned individuals

– Michael Vincent –

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