Addressing illegal immigration and all the DACA recipients…

Great speech from Trump today about border security. It’s now time for Democrats and Republicans to come together and get a comprehensive immigration bill passed that addresses illegal immigration and the thousands of DACA recipients.

Because of our leaders irresponsibility in the past in regards to immigration, allowing thousands of children to be smuggled into the country illegally, there are thousands of children the are still children or have grown into adults here in America and still have illegal status. I over the years have come to believe that it is our responsibility to deal with this crisis as a result of our irresponsibility in the past.

While I fully support securing our borders by many measures including a physical barrier and deporting illegal immigrants as they cross, I do still believe that we need to do something about the children that have lived in this country for years and who have created lives for themselves, and in many cases have grown to be productive adults. Many of these children have grown into adults and don’t know anything else but the American life. We must bite the bullet so-to-speak and deal with the fact that our irresponsibility of allowing illegal immigration in the past has created this reality, thus it would be inhumane to simply deport these individuals.

I do think there should be a pathway to citizenship for people that fall into this category but they must go through a comprehensive process to be applicable by proving they meet this criteria. President Ronald Reagan believed the same thing as well but was lied to by the Democrats, claiming they would secure the border and prevent this problem in the future if he granted amnesty. So, this time around for this to work we need to get a comprehensive immigration bill that addresses and solves our border crisis before or simultaneously any amnesty is declared for DACA recipients. I know that many conservatives disagree with this point, but this is a good compromise for you all to give in return to getting a comprehensive immigration bill passed that solves this humanitarian crisis and illegal immigration once and for all. Let’s get her done y’all!!

Michael Vincent

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