Hypocrisy 101: Nancy Pelosi Wants To Study The GOP Bill…

The career politician blinded by political affiliation, Nancy Pelosi, that was once quoted saying about Obamacare, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it,” is now saying that we cannot pass the GOP Obamacare replacement bill without inspecting it with an independent assessment of the budget, coverage, and quality-of-care impacts. So, in layman terms, if it’s the Democrat’s bill, there’s no need to read it to pass it, but if it’s the GOP’s bill, it must be read before we pass it. 

Well of course we should thoroughly analysis it, just as we should have with Obamacare. But make no mistake about it, she cares about politics, not Americans. The truth is, career and identity politics and politicians are incredibly dangerous, because they blindly trust their party and don’t hold their party accountable. They either work for special interest groups and lobbyists, and/or are blinded by their ideology and idealize it onto their party. And regardless if their political oppositions proposals are good, they tend to ignore the merits. Individuals like Nancy Pelosi should be stripped of public service. 

– Michael Vincent –


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