Alex Jones And…

For decades now Alex Jones and the incredible crew with have been on the front line defending Liberty and Freedom. They have and will continue to expose government corruption on all levels internationally and domestically. Alex Jones and his staff members have had their life threatened on numerous accounts and attempts to murder Alex have been foiled with the help of good law enforcement. Alex and his crew put their neck on the line to expose the criminal globalist every day. The elite have come to Alex trying to co-opt him to join their globalist agenda several times and have had numerous government agencies try to bring him down, which have all failed. And the state sponsored mainstream media constantly engages in trying to assassinate Alex Jones character through bogus stories and slanderous remarks.

Alex discusses and brings up many agendas that is exposing the globalist agenda and is bringing awareness to the entire world such as, geoengineering, agenda 21, anti-sovereignty trade deals like N.A.F.T.A. and T.PP., the U.S. petrodollar monopoly, the occult and secret societies, a dossier of corruption within numerous government agencies most notably the C.I.A., mainstream media propaganda, the left-right two party dictatorship, lobbyist, special interest groups, globalist bankster’s, the federal reserve’s corruption, corrupt politicians, and the list goes on and on. Alex Jones and his crew do intensive thorough investigations into all these matters and make sure to bring you 100% factual information. They are one of the most honest hard-working media outlets in existence. You may not always agree with them on issues but I assure you they have nothing but integrity.

– Michael Vincent –

EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement…

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